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Posted on January 10, 2011 by Nick 8 Comments

I spent this morning waking up super early to go get my blood work done (I have to get it done often because I’m on blood thinners). I had lunch and all, and spent a little time with my dad before I got home around 3 PM. And I come and realize my blog has been featured on the WordPress daily post for mine and Kate’s buddy system.

This is utterly shocking, and I’m overjoyed that several others are finding people with topics they’re interested in and making strong buddy systems. I am personally going for postaweek, with my target being each Friday at least. But, I’m going to try for regular posts each Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, with offtopic ones whenever.

I am interested in taking up more blogging buddies, I love to read blogs, and I love to see into the eyes of another being. If you would like me to be a blog buddy and would prefer to tell me here, feel free to leave a comment or go to my Ask page. I also do linking to other blogs as seen in my sidebar. I’ll of course link to my buddies. 🙂

Interested, send me a hollar. I love lots of topics, except in depth sports. I’m not a sports guy, sorry. :(. Just post what your blog is about, and I promise I’ll take a look.



  • rex says:

    Yes, you guys were quite the famous subject today! I can’t believe how many comments that wordpress post received. And now I’m even more surprised that you haven’t received any comments here. How’s that for irony? The web’s a funny thing sometimes.

    Well, my blog is probably as opposite as can be from your blog, but I have an open mind and appreciate anyone who’s willing to put their thoughts out there. Plus, everyone deserves a comment. (Especially when your idea has caused a huge stir.) Blogging buddies was genius.

    You don’t have to be my buddy if you don’t want to, since we’re not really in the same genre, but I don’t mind. You might help me get more creative juices flowing – which I need. On my blog I’m trying to generate creative ideas for making things happen and starting movements within a large corporation. Check it out at

    Thanks for making such a big splash on wordpress. I hope you get a huge crowd of followers and lots of ‘buddies’.

    • Ashkir says:

      Hehe! It doesn’t help that I’m a weird geek, I guess? xD. I like gaming, and I’m focusing on fictional stories. I’m not some super awesome tech student at PolySci or anything. Haha. XD

      I have an open mind as well, and I really… haven’t found anyone in my exact genre yet xD. But, I like to read other stuff all the time. I’m a very random person with many likes.

      It surprised me I got one person to subscribe to my blog this week alone! I don’t even know the person! So I was happy! :). I was doing this project in hopes I’d actually finish writing something.

      I’m checking your blogs out now. Large corporations that do creative events are awesome, simply awesome. >.> nesquick vending machine ftw.

    • rex says:

      That’s great! We’re all different.

      I have a good friend who’s actually a lead game designer at SnoBlind Studios. I think he’s in charge of the latest Lord of the Rings game. I’ve been over to his house for Halo parties with a bunch of other guys, and I’m usually the one they kill easily with their bare hands, but I have fun.

      He has an interesting blog at

      Keep writing! It’s worth it even if no one reads it.

    • Ashkir says:

      Thank you, rex.

      Ooh, that has to be an interesting job. Kate is a community manager over at Mochi Media right now, and she’s been a game master for a few other companies. I may suck at gaming, but, hell, I have fun with it.

  • Connie T says:

    That is a great ideal. I really like your blog header picture.
    I will be back to read more. I don’t really have a set ideal. I just write about what I do and watch and think.
    Have a great day.

    • Ashkir says:

      Thank you, Connie. Thoughts are a great thing to write about. People think blogs are lame and all, but they do not realize that it is the eyes to another person’s soul, because we get to actually read the thoughts and the point of view of another person.

      I’ll be sure to check out your blog.

  • Thanks for the awesome idea! If you nee another buddy, I’m posting daily, but will definitely team up with anyone blogging anything (almost).

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