iPad Keynote Improvements

Posted on February 16, 2011 by Nick 2 Comments

I bought Keynote for my iPad after I got it. Why? Because I wanted to keep my presentations on it, and show them directly from my iPad. I even have the projector cord for it. It works beautifully.

However, I feel the iPad Keynote is missing a key component, a mobile presentation. The iPad was designed to be in your hands, to be mobile. It would make a powerful presentation tool, an extremely powerful tool. The notes work great when you hook it up to a projector or monitor, but, you cannot present unless you have a long cord using the notes.

I get my presentation in my mind, so I can speak about it without notes, just by a simple look at the slide being displayed. However, I have to return to the iPad, where it is resting to start the next animation, or change the slide. Or I’d have to be a genius at timing the presentation, which is near impossible because of questions, interruptions, stories that change words and length depending on time allotted.

I really would like Keynote to work with the Apple Remote for the next slide or animation. It would make Keynote on iPad a portable, a mobile solution for presentation giving. It is hard work hauling a heavy laptop, waiting for it to load up, and fighting with the cords and constant settings to set up the projector and powerpoint to work. But, the iPad is just plugin and press play, and it works.

With the Apple Remote it’ll be a mobile presentation software. I hope Apple designed the iPad in mind for future implementation with its previous remotes, that they use for macs, and other devices like the Apple TV.

Another alternative to keep it mobile is by using the built in microphone. How about sound while giving a presentation? Simple words like “Next slide” can be programmed to do the next slide, or simple as “Next animation,” “Next slide”, or just the name, “Keynote next.”. Keynote Next probably would be viable as you wouldn’t say it in a normal presentation conversation. Or how about a clap of the hands? We have that in many softwares, just clap and it responds by an action.

The iPad is a mobile device. It is light, easy to use, and it is great for when on the go. It doesn’t require setting up. For presentations, all it takes is a simple cord and it does the rest for you. I strongly feel that Keynote for iPad needs to be more mobile, to allow presenters the opportunity to use the iPad as a primary source for presentation presenting. This, in my opinion would provide a great opportunity for iPad owners to give presentations based on subjects, without the need of a laptop, or desktop computer.

By being mobile, presentations can be easier to give, and offer more interactivity. Keynote for iPad is powerful, with amazing features, and awesome animation, but, it is not friendly to presenters. It’s great for the viewers, but Keynote hinders the experience without the use of a more mobile way to change slides or animations. Without a way to go forward, Keynote for iPad basically remains a copy of a presentation creator with slides on an iPad instead of a computer.

By offering a remote or sound way to move forward in Keynote, a presenter can interact more with the audience, and see the reactions, and be more reactive. The presenter can move around, speak while walking about. Pacing helps a lot of nervous presenters, and pacing allows the entire room to get a great view of the presentation, instead of the presenter being hid in a little corner behind the screen and speaking.

I really think the iPad Keynote can be made to be much more mobile. I am hoping Apple would do so.


  • chris says:

    I’m right there with you. I think the best way to get this functionality is to hit the app store with really negative reviews about how keynote lacks this feature.

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