6/30/2013 Outage

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The Ashkir Network was aware of slow speeds and some time-outs pertaining to around 3:50 pm to 4:04 pm Pacific Standard Time (-8GMT). Our server hosting provider has been on top of the issue from the very beginning. The server’s stuck processes necessitated a reboot. It took a few moments for things to stabilize. Everything is now fine. Thanks to Michael Denney for the speedy update.

As of 4:10 PM Pacific Standard Time (-8GMT) we have been notified that our server will be rebooted again with a potential of five upwards to ten minutes of slow loading. The server is having an operating system upgrade that will be more efficient, this is a necessary reboot and it is completely intended. Services should be normal by 4:20 PM Pacific Standard Time (-8GMT). The new operating system will also limit persons on the server that is using too much resources while leaving the others unaffected.

I apologize for the outage, please enjoy your web services once again.


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