Who am I?

Hi. I’m Ashkir (real name: Nick), I am a boy and I am twenty-one years old.

I love to write, when I sit down to write.
I love to read, when I sit down to read.
I love to play games, when I sit down to play.
I love to play rpgs, when I sit down to play.
I love animals, when I sit down to play.
I love to watch television, when I sit down to.
I love to watch Netflix, all damn day long.
I love kids, when I spend time with them.

So, now that you know some stuff about me… Hi there, my name is Ashkir. Oops I already said that. So… yeah anyways that picture to the side? Yup! That’s me, well… being me. I am a geek (internet ftw), and I am a weird person sometimes, but lets just leave it at geek. o.O. I love opera & clasical music, the internet, reading, writing (Fiction Friday *hint*hint*). Oooh, I am a fan of a lot of scientific and fantasy shows. My favorite TV Show of all times is NBC’s Kings.

There is so much about me, and I really don’t know what to put on this about page… I’d give you an awesome video, but I have none of me or any that jumps into my mind right now. Hmm. So how about a fact? I call my caps lock key the BILLYMAYSKEY. ^_^

I think I am an atheist, because as a young teenager and a child I felt god has betrayed me.

Where am I?

  • Administrator for AboutUs, one of the world’s largest websites and Alexa top 500.
  • Previous moderator for the popular award winning mmorpg Allods Online North America.
  • Past Global Moderator for one of the largest Harry Potter websites to ever hit the web, Trios Hogwarts.
  • vFAQ moderator for the new awesome forum system of vForums.
  • Community Champion for Chi.mp, a widely popular social network.
  • Helper for Telarapedia, one of the most active contributers.


I am a wiki guru, I love wikis. I followed the development of wikis for years. I know some of the biggest names in wikis, and I have even had an exclusive interview with the man Ward Cunningham. If you don’t know who he is and you use a wiki, I feel sorry for you that you don’t know his awesomeness. He invented the wiki! Imagine your live if Ward never made the wiki? No more Telarapedia, WikiPedia, WikiHow, or even Wowpedia!

I have been on a verity of wikis with the latest being Telarapedia, a wiki about the upcoming game RIFT. I have been on past wikis, and still am with some. Here are the other notable ones:

  • AboutUs, Volunteer administrator from 2007 to the present. This is one of my favorite wikis of all time.
  • Official Allods Game Wiki, I built a large part of the wiki from scratch. Was my first large solo wiki project.

What does the name ‘Ashkir’ mean?

The name Ashkir was my own creation back in ’06. I was seventeen and in high school. xD. I was looking back over old notes from Sophomore English. We spent our Sophomore year in English (two hours a day, twice a week, and an hour on Monday). Hell I couldn’t even get half my spelling words correct in Latin, nor do I remember what they mean.

The reason why we had to learn Latin and Greek was to learn the roots of our language. So we had to learn the root words. Ash breaks down to the old word asshe or asce. It means residue left when combustible material is finished burning by chemical means (fire) or volcano. It also means a symbole of grief, repentance, humiliation. And finally, ruins.

Kir is an ancient Smurian word? Forgot how to spell it. But, they were a large influence on many modern names. Now, kir roots from a long time ago. The most recent known dungeon is a drink made of dry white wine named after some Felix Kir guy. When you go further back in time to learn the roots as many were lost, you’d find a Roman Christain influence of the name. It was basically referenced to the name a wall or a fortress, even a kingdom, or a city. The earliest reference was when the Syrians captured the great city of Damasus. Later on the word became known as simply strongholds. If you dive further into the history, a recent meaning before the alcohol version took place was a city, wall or a meeting.

I took the word ‘Ash’ and called it Ruined and the word ‘Kir’ and called it Kingdom. I put them on a paper called ‘Ash Kir’ in my senior year. I liked the sound of it, hence it became a name. ^^

I used this name forever, I simply love it. It became a character name for me when I was playing on message board post-by-post role play. But, the name stuck. The character that had it grew on me. I recycled the name and it continued to grow on me. To this day I’m known as Ashkir. It is the ultimate internet alias to me. ^^

This name is me. The name is me. I am the name. It is a great name.

Make-a-Wish Foundation

I am a Wish child. I have congenital heart failure that was possibly worsened by Kawasaki disease. My original wish was to take planes to San Francisco for I can see the doctors there. I got tired of taking trains, really tired! By the time the arrangements were made to grant this wish I had my first major open heart surgery. So I got to make a second wish where I wished to meet the president of my country, President Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton. It was an amazing experience!

The Make-A-Wish Foundation put me through some amazing things! I got to meet awesome people, and experience things I never thought I would. The Wish Foundation inspired hope in me. And gave me a great outlook at life.

Here’s a photograph!


I host some others websites at no cost, because I believe they deserve it. These websites are a deserving cause in community through one of the these four ventures: Entertainment, Humanity, Peace, or Friendship.

I create websites and curate them for non-profit organizations at no charge. I even host the non-profit websites and am available to the owners. As long as they work with me, I will work with them on my own time.

The software I commonly use is WordPress, and with extensive plugins modifications or theme modifications. I often times have to go tweak code in theme pages to perfect the look, or plugins to perfect the speech or functions. I use free resources, and piece things together to create the perfect website.