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MySQL User Errors

Posted on 05/17/12 by Nick No Comments

Early this morning around 1:20 am PST time users of Ashkir [dot] Com have reported errors, MySQL errors relating to database connection cannot be established. These are examples of such errors:

mysql_user already has more than 'max_user_connections' active connections

[READ] Unable to connect to MySQL server

Unable to connect to database server

I apologize for any inconvenience experienced. As of 1:28 am the issue has sorted itself out. Likely someone at the host figured it out or there was a MySQL database restart.

My apologizes. Everything seems stable for now.

Slow Service, Downtime, & Internal 500 Errors

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Ashkir [dot] com is aware of the slow service, slow page loads, the small amount of downtime, and Internal 500 errors we had today. We’ve had over a hundred days without a problem, but, we’re not always lucky. The problem was caught early on and a fix is being worked on. Your websites are all working, and you are assured that no data was lost at all.

All cloud hypervisors have been rebooted. Stability issues are being worked upon.

Ashkir [dot] com would like to apologize for this issue. A full report will be added shortly.

Timeline of Events

Times are in -8 GMT
4:30 am Servers start suffering issues. Becoming increasingly noticable.
4:43 am The service we use has notified us that they are aware of this.
5:05 am The hosting service we use has a senior technician looking into this.
5:52 am The noc Techs have determined what the issue is.
6:06 am The techs are working on the issue, no updates at this time.
6:24 am All cloud hypervisors have been rebooted. Servers going offline.
10:00 am Services are back up, and have been up for a bit!
7:54 pm Noticing websites are being sluggish.
7:57 pm CPU usage is at 7.87 (normal)
8:05 pm CPU usage is at 10.54 (high)
8:07 pm CPU usage jumped to 13.07 (really high) page loads are around 12 seconds, greater than normal (.5).
8:15 pm CPU usage back down at 6.54 and load times are normal again.
8:32 pm CPU usage is jumping back up 9.18 right now.
8:36 pm Slow loads are being investigated.
8:37 pm Manageable again, but, still a bit sluggish. Load times are over 5 seconds for Americans. Higher than normal.
8:49 pm Everything is normal once again. Page generation is at 0.11, CPU is at 5.9
10:15 pm 9.46 CPU load. Looking into it. Sorry! Pageload is decent, but slower than normal.
1:10 am Database seems to be slow. Looking into it.
1:17 am Services stopped responding.
1:21 am Websites responding. CPU load is 23.2. page regeneration is 124.90164113 Database is at 110.2542832.
1:24 am CPU load down to 14.0 services more stable. I assure you this is being looked into.
1:34 am CPU load is at 6.23 which is a good normal number. Page generation time is at 0.993116855621 which is higher than normal, but still good. Database response time seems normal.
2:35 am BigWetFish has assured us that a technician is working on the issue.
2:47 normal load right now. Servers being worked on.
3:00 am all is well.
Please note, normal CPU load for us is around 2.0 or less, (8.0 is okay too). Page load times are normally less than 1.0 seconds.

After notes: It has been a long run, nearly 94 days of perfect uptime and stability. This was the first day we had issues. We hope being upfront with these issues do not betray your confidence in us. We apologize for this, it was a rare problem and it will likely not happen again. Let’s break the 94 days now. 🙂

Move to the cloud.

Posted on 02/07/12 by Nick No Comments

Back in June, BigWetFish offered to move us to the cloud. I’ve done a lot of research, and even posted information out about it and asked for votes from others I host that are the major players, found here. We have gotten a 5/6 majority at the time.

However, since Mo has left our hosting (closed his service) the vote is now 5/5 of the major players. The largest resource user besides myself, is Kate, she had asked for her vote to copy mine to do what I think is best. Cassie agreed as well. James is my father and I host his company website so, his vote was to what I think is best. SK looked into it and decided to vote yay. So, hence, we now have a majority in favor, a perfect hundred percent in favor.

We’re starting the move shortly. Within the next 48 hours. It’ll be down sometime through the night, GMT time when BigWetFish has the time to move us. We’re going to the cloud. I strongly believe the benefits of it outweigh the cons.

Also, I’d like to welcome the latest hostee, Chronicles of Thedas to the group of websites. I’ve given them the link to the previous page from June to look over. Chronicles of Thedas uses a fraction of the resources, less than 2% of what the others use. So, really, they’re no problem to have tag along with us to the cloud. :).

All others persons whom is hosted by me, please feel free to contact me with any concerns. I anticipate no problems and minimal downtime. I however was asked if you’d need to update your nameservers if you have a domain name. No, you don’t. I’ve asked you all to use and, I’ll update those. :). It can take up to 72 hours before you notice the new website change, which can be frustrating, but, I highly recommend doing a DNS flush after the move. I don’t foresee any issues however.

We’re moving away from our server in Orlando to our beautiful new home in Maidenhead, England! So, you European folks should be celebrating! 😉 To the fellow Americans, I don’t anticipate any problems with load times to this move. 🙂

5 mins downtime.

Posted on 01/27/12 by Nick No Comments

Today at 10:30ish am, there was about 5 minutes of unscheduled downtime. Services are live once again.

Pushing to MyBB.

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As of late I’ve been helping a group of post-by-post role players on a role play game prepare to move their forum away from their free host that has had a lot of stability issues. I’ve spent a great amount of time helping them get their database converted and ready to migrate to MyBB.

This move happens in twelve hours. If all goes well, the Ashkir Network will have it’s first stable forum. Yup, we haven’t really had any forums of this size before! We’re used to more websites or blogs, not community based panels. The forum’s traffic is far lower then our previous experience, but, it’ll be an interesting challenge nonetheless.

Wish us luck. To the next frontier we go.