I hold no legal obligation to anything, this is done out of my heart, and I try my best to help others. I will try my best to help you. I do not mind curating your websites, helping you set it up or providing you the space. Please, do not abuse it.

Quick Read:

  1. If you choose a student project count, it will be locked after 2 months. Extensions are available by support request and are rarely denied.
  2. Accounts will only be closed if the the following happens:
    • Inactive for a long period of time.
    • Activity has gone higher then I can support (I’ll let you know ahead of time, so you can find a new host, this is rare though).
    • I die. Possible! Might happen, though bill may be paid several months in advance so you “should” be fine for a while.
    • Your site contains illegal content.
    • Your site is discriminating against race, gender, sexual orientation, handicapable, or religion.
  3. Illegal content is a huge no-no!
  4. All content may be featured on the Ashkir [dot] com main portal, but your content will remain copyrighted to you.
  5. We do not allow any Avatar Last Air Bender focused sites. This is because our hearts were already stolen by one. NO MOAR!

Detailed Read:

Student Project accounts will be locked after two months of creation. This should provide plenty of time for the student project. If you need more time or want to stay, please discuss it with me when the time comes, or before hand. If the project is a long term, you may mention it in the form. You will be given a notice two weeks before the closure of the account, you may request an extension (which is unlikely to be refused depending on resources).

Art accounts are for artists. These are people into design, drawing, painting, graphics and want to have a portfolio or some quick website for commissions and to display their work in a gallery. I am a fan of paintings and drawings, so I’m more then happy to host them with a full cPanel access account. You retain full rights.

Please refrain from doing illegal activites when you are hosting under me. If your files contain anything illegal your account will be suspended, if necessary. Illegal content can be:

  • Pirated software and downloads (music files, programs, etc).
  • Child pornography.
  • DDoS scripts.

Content that is illegal on websites hosted in the United Kingdom and the United States may not be ran on an account here. Doing so, may be grounds for a suspension.

Please refrain from using the account for spam purposes (email bots). Because of this is a free host, please refrain from having paid / for-profit ads. As of February 2013, the Ashkir Network no longer provides email services. Please use Google Apps, Outlook, Zoho, or something else. You can modify MX entries. Create a support ticket if you do need help.

A warning will be sent if possible before the account is closed. It is understandable that websites may be hacked, or content is posted on forums, etc. You will be given a chance to try to correct the problem, unless it is a large offense the account will be suspended. If you somehow end up in the Colosseum for wrongdoing, we do not offer any advice on which door to choose to spare your life nor do we know any lion. However, we are huge fans of Starz’ Spartacus and HBO’s Rome!

Regarding hosting resources, space, and bandwidth: Space is limited, but as the site demands more resources I update the plans so you should not have to worry about disk space or bandwidth for the average site. If your site becomes more demanding then I, I’ll let you know ahead of time if I can no longer support it. The chance of this is unlikely, however. There may be a pre-defined limit in the future. It will not effect current hosted accounts. There is no obligation on Ashkir [dot] com’s part to keep you, but, in the unlikely event we may have to ask you to look into your own paid hosting once you go above and beyond and create a site for the stars.

Adult content is allowed, provided that the main purpose of your site’s content is not adult content. IE: Roleplaying is fine, but 100% erotica is not. A majority, needs to be non-erotica. No XXX Porn Here sites please.

We do not allowed paid advertisements to be sold on your site. Nor do we require a link back to Ashkir.com; but it is requested.

Under no circumstances do we hold any responsibility for any wrongdoing on your part. We also do not offer life insurance for your immortal soul, if you believe in one. We do not offer sacrifices to any deity. This document isn’t legally binding, nor is anything on this host. This is considered a hands-off host.