name [dot] com

I have always loved my experience with They have been wonderful and amazing. I even called their support number once and had an amazing experience with it! I didn’t even have to wait!

I dislike the other registars because when you create an account with them you’re magically on their mailing list. They send you a lot of real life mail, most which is junk! They send you emails that spam you to no end in sight. This, is a huge invasion of my privacy when I don’t have an option to opt out of them all. values my privacy. I like that about them. Someone even once tried to take my domain away from me. protected me as the rightful owner of the domain. is my register choice. They were amazing and are amazing. Their control panel is extremely easy to navigate! I tried out several registers, and this was my biggest pet peeve. makes it so easy to edit my domain details in the push of a button or two!

Edit: Oh… apparently I still have a penny. Yup 1¢ in my account. They refunded $8.00 from a $7.99 purchase once when an error came up, so I can redo the purchase. They wasted no time and it was fixed within a half an hour. I still have that one little cent all by his lonesome in the account.