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Achievements for 2011

Posted on 01/05/11 by Nick 4 Comments

Twenty ten was a great year for me, and it had its downsides. I discovered new things, made new friends, gave a presentation and started thinking critically of myself, since my negative outlook on some things vanished.

In December 2009 I discovered a game I enjoyed, and went through with it into the new year. I throughly enjoyed this game, but it started to become far too stressful after Kate separated from the team behind it. Even though I enjoyed the time I had with the game, I started investing far too much time in it. I have used my pre-existing skills that I learned from AboutUs in wiki to help develop the game’s wiki that’ll become an a unique one that would rival other game’s wiki.

I have spent the latter year of 2007 and the years of 2008 and ’09 learning more about wiki and mainly answering questions and helping others. Kate gave me the opportunity in February 2010 to build a large wiki from scratch. It was a great experience, and I learned much from my time there. I set new challenges for myself, learned new techniques, and Kate’s plan for the wiki was very clear and concise, but gave me enough control so I could make what she wanted in my own way. I didn’t need to write one sentence and then get it approved, she let me go my own way as long as I was able to explain anything their staff team grew curious about (such as code).

I spent much of the year working on this wiki and became damn proud of my work there, even though it seemed it wasn’t as appreciated after Kate left. I stayed with the game, even though I could tell it was going in a bad direction. I had hope for it. I resigned once, but was brought back by requests and constant badgering for information that seemed like I was the only one whom knew. But, I finally left for good as all my hope for the game diminished. But, I met some great people there that I hope I’d keep in contact with for years to come, including Kate.

Well, I plan on bringing wiki work well into my twenty eleven goals! In 2011 I plan on picking up my activity on AboutUs and the Weekly Project. The Weekly Project was inspired in part by some of my older work done, and Mark Dilley decided to revive my idea and make it a weekly project. Originally, I only done this randomly. This project we will be building pages for registered non-profits or charities at no cost on AboutUs. AboutUs is a powerful SEO tool that can greatly influence SERP rankings.

Last year I have experienced a great amount of successes and failures. I have found myself to desire a message board role play board once again, but, I failed to find the perfect one.

I got a new dog, named Ziggy. He wasn’t well taken care of, and my dad decided to give him to me and my grandma. Here’s a photograph of Ziggy, and I’m proud that he’s fattening up.

click for larger version.

My health, however started to become a main concern for my doctor once again. Back in 2008 I had a major open heart surgery. In 2009 my health seemed to stabilize some, but 2010 was a tough year. My blood thinners were changed to different dosages constantly. I was put on a new medication due to my heart beating in a wrong way, that I don’t completely understand. How I understand it, is the fact that my heart is beating prematurely.

I finally finished a novel in December. Last few days of the year I finally finished one of my favorite novels that I haven’t read in years by Garth Nix, named Sabriel. It was an enjoyable novel, and I was proud of myself for finishing it. I bought the sequel soon after, and I started working on it with the new year. I plan on reading more novels come this year, and I hope I succeed in this. Ever since I have left high school I stopped reading as much.

Now, with the start of the new year I have decided to start blogging actively. I tried blogs in the past, but I failed to keep them motivated. Well, I guess I had one successful blog that I closed early in 2010. Novograd Times reached a little over a million unique visitors, and thousands of readers daily, it was a great blog that I enjoyed doing, but, it was far too stressful to keep running. Besides, I have quit the game it was based upon and outgrew me. But, any personal blogs I tried failed because I failed to stay motivated.

So, with this new year I’m starting a new blog alongside with Kate. I’ll try to keep her motivated, and hopefully she’ll try to keep me motivated. With this blog I hope to start writing fictional short stories again, and hopefully start longer stories (in perhaps chapters). My goal at this time is to release a writing every Friday evening. Since I have a habit of recycling my characters, and keeping the same personalities I’ll try to upkeep character pages for them. And hopefully use the postaweek tag as well.

So, twenty-ten was a successful year for me. Twenty eleven I hope will be a great year of achievements for myself. I’m copying Kate here and making a short list:

  • Get more involved in blogging and writing.
  • Read more books.
  • Get more involved in wikis again, most likely at AboutUs.
  • Keep myself and Kate motivated to keep blogging!
  • Writing a new fictional story or chapter each week.

So… here’s to twenty eleven! And if you haven’t noticed yet, I pronounce it twenty eleven and not two thousand and eleven. 🙂