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Character Preview: Jakob Atlanta

Posted on 01/18/11 by Nick 3 Comments

This Friday will not be a continuation of Ian’s Story. Sorry! 🙁 I am working hard on a short story about a character near and dear to my heart, Azarith Nimue. Azarith is a wonderful character, full of magic, and curiosity. This story will be featured around three main characters, and only contain three characters. These three characters are: Azarith, Jakob Atlanta, and one unnamed character.

Name: Jakob Atlanta
Nicknames: Jake, Jakey.
Age: 22 years.
Best friend: Azarith Nimue & an unnamed character.
Personality: Honestly. I’d rather for you all to figure it out yourself! 🙂 The short story will tell ya!

I know, a weak preview. But… I didn’t want to leave you all hanging. I’m sure you’ll fall in love with Jakob, perhaps much much more then Azarith.

Character Preview: Calliope

Posted on 01/11/11 by Nick 7 Comments

I am hard at work with the next part of Ian’s Story. I have such high hopes for it, and I really hope I get to finish sharing the story of the young Ian Caulderwood with you all. May he take a place in your heart as he has done mine. I’ll like to introduce you to one of Ian’s best friends, Calliope Nimue.

Name: Calliope Nimue.
Nickname: Callie, Cal, but she usually goes by her full first name, Calliope.
Age: Thirty-four.
Hair: Reddish brown, worn long to at least past her shoulders.
Eye color: Brown.
Favorite Season: Summer.
Profession: Education.
Job: Librarian.
Appearance: Yes… this is a strange thing to put in a character preview for me, but, I really feel I need to note that Calliope Nimue is a big woman, she’s overweight. I couldn’t think of a kinder way to say this. She’s a sweetheart, but, she is overweight. However, her weight does not bother her. She is not very tall either, she’s shorter then Ian, defiantly.
Personality: Calliope Nimue is a sweet woman, one of a rare kind. She loves to play games, talk with people, and more then anything in the world… she loves to read. Calliope is a large fan of fictional romance novels. She fully immerses herself into the novels in hope that one day she’ll meet the perfect man to come and sweep her off her feet.

She believes in true love, in all possible forms. Calliope is a generous woman whom is willing to think of others before herself. If she had the chance to risk her life to save the life of a child, she would do it without hesitation. Calliope loves children, even though she has none of her own. However, outside of work and friends she is a very shy woman, whom would hardly speak up if something is bothering her.

Calliope can be noted for her patience, she can wait for what seems to be a lifetime. Even though she is overweight, she is usually well dressed.
Relationship to Ian: Calliope is a very good friend of Ethan Caulderwood. Ian loves to play an online mmorpg when he has time, he’ll stay up far too late playing the game. Calliope plays this game as well, and they’re both in the same guild, hence they know each other. Calliope is not an internet friend or long-distance friend, she is in fact a local citizen and is a librarian at the high school Ian goes to. She is one of Ian’s closest friends even though she is over double his age. Friendship knows no ages. She considers Ian to be a good friend as well, not as the son she never had, as a friend.
Notes: Even though Calliope is a large woman, don’t let it fool you, she is strong and can easily pick someone up without hesitation.