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First look at RIFT

Posted on 01/26/11 by Nick 1 Comment

I am really liking this new game from Trion Worlds titled RIFT: Planes of Telara. RIFT takes place in Telara. Well, there are a lot of blogs covering RIFT, I’m not going to be yet another blog. I’m just going to put up what I like about RIFT.

I needed a new fresh mmorpg; and RIFT looked like a fine one to try out. I tried several mmorpgs, or looked at videos of several, RIFT was one of the few that appealed to me over the last year. I was looking for a beta key for a while. Man, RIFT was the hardest game to get a key of, of over ten I tested out. I send back great feedback, and I spend a lot of time typing of feedback. I think my feedback would be valuable to the developers, but, they don’t seem to really care as much. I got lucky, I got my key because the game decided they wanted to do a stress test.

So when the beta started its three day test, I immediately went out to make a new character. Wow, they weren’t kidding. It is really customizable. Click the image for a full sized version:

Look at all those options!

I played through the first six levels easily, and curious because I had to explore a lot of things. When I got out of the first zone, and onto the second one, an NPC told me why the Defiants and Guardians are currently hostile, and what is currently happening int he world. This NPC, Catelyn Silera tells you this:

Is your name… ? Why, I’ve heard storeis about you all my life. You ended the Mathosian war! Your arrival heralds the defeat of the Defiants and the blossoming of our glory. However, you’ve been gone a long time and a great deal has changed.

Though we had a grudging peace with the defiants after Regulos was defeated, his return and the continual invasion of the planes have given our differing world views mortal consequences. While we Guardians restore the power of the Vigil to strengthen the Ward that protects Telara from REgulos and the Blood Storm, the Defiants attempt to save Telara with profane technologies. IF they previal, the Vigil will be weakened and the Blood Storm will devour us all.

We Guardians will fight to our deaths to make sure the Defiants do not allow the dragons to destroy Telara.

Now… I want to go back why I’m writing this. I am really enjoying this game, and already have a second spec as I was not happy with my first. I sent lots of feedback of what I thought about my specialization as well, hopefully someone actually reads it and it doesn’t go like most games, sit in limbo. Believe it or not folks, when things are being beta tested with thousands of testers, not all feedback is read, they’re usually read via a lottery or only key people they come to trust the feedback of is read.

So, firstly, remember how in other games you wonder who in the world is attacking you and where it is coming from? What direction the npc is in that you’ve had targeted? If you’re attacked a red arrow appears and you target the hostile NPC (if you’re not already targeting something). If you type something like /tar NPCNAME a green arrow will appear in the direction of that NPC. Here’s what the arrows look like:


When an npc stands on top of you that you’re fighting, you constantly back up to get a better view point, right? Well, the NPCs are reactive! They do it as well! They take the time to back up, just as we would! This was one of my favorite little features in the game so far. Now, have you ever wondered how in the world your daggers or swords can stab a victim when you’re at the side and not facing it? Well, in Rift the positioning is more realistic.

Your character will stay forward, with their legs, but twist to their side and move their arms likewise to use their weapons.

I can see you...

...from the corner of my eyes.

I have always wondered how the hell your character can craft something without an anvil or a forge. Or create a piece of clothing without a flat surface, loom or sewing machine. Take a look at this thing that outfitters use. (Outfitters create cloth and leather armor).

Hey! Move your stuff! I need more room!

The crafting panels are very easy to browse, nice and large. They’re awesome. One crafting panel is for all professions, and a dropdown allows you to choose which profession. You can have 3 professions in RIFT.

Pretty dropdown!

Lately a lot of mmorpgs have been limiting themselves down to a single bag (*cough*allods*cough*) which is extremely annoying in mmorpgs. We get a regular backpack, and four extra slots for bags, which is plenty of room as you get bigger bags. In RIFT you can also search your bags as a part of the default UI. You heard me… SEARCH!

Hey! I found my cloth!

Nice, huh? Well, I er… accidently killed a cute adorable critter… a squirrel. I apparently got something from the critter as a drop:

I'm a fine warrior! 😀 *sobs*

So yeah… anyway… lets get away from that depressing topic. Oh, before we do… if you kill a baby deer they cry. *sobs*

The talents system is pretty neat, but, abit confusing when you first look at it.

It's easier then it looks!

Basically, I have a basic rules for when it comes to these talent souls (trees). You can spend points how you like. Your center soul is your first/primary. At level 10 you can only have 10 points in a single soul. I generally keep my points maxed in my primary tree, then allow an overflow into the other two souls. Each soul haves extra specialties.

Rifts are the main attraction of RIFT. A Rift is a tear in space/time where the world of Telara can be attacked. However, if a Rift isn’t closed early in… these invasions can kind of… TAKE OVER! o.o Like actually… take over an entire zone… the npcs even fight them! But, man, they can be powerful!

Many, many, many...


So… anyway… here is a doctor’s note from Doctor Telara, yup, that’s right, Doctor Regulos Telara! Click the images to see full size version:

Doctors note for me!

With my name removed.

Where you put your name.

Yes… I did this by hand. :P. Just used an image editor to add the number, and remove words, and to paste the other words (your name here, and your name, which I wrote at the bottom, just dragged them up to cover my name, hehe.). If for some reason you really do use this little silly joke by me in real life, just know… I may not be held responsible. Here’s a few more copies of the note above:

Oh… that number is the number to Trion Worlds in the phone book. 😛