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Fiction Friday: Ian's Story, Prologue.

Posted on 01/07/11 by Nick 2 Comments

Well, I hope you all enjoyed Ian’s character preview yesterday; it is now time to release the story with Ian in it. I have no idea what to call this writing project. For a while I was calling it The Story of Ian, but then I decided to just call it Ian’s Story literally like at 2 am in the morning a few nights back.

I’ve been working on this piece for a while, and rewrote it several times trying to get the perfect feel. I think I achieved the feel I would like, though, I know I have some things to work on. This is not the last time you’ll get to see Ian and his family, I plan on continuing his story in the future. It might not be next Friday, but, who knows? It could be a month from now, a week, or four months. I hope you all enjoy the little I have done.

Honestly, the start of it did not come out as smooth as I would’ve liked, but, I am still proud of it. Anyways, let’s get to the story. Please, feel free to tell me what you thought in a comment or via my ask feedback page.

“Ethan would love it here with these trees changing colors, Brookelyn,” said a man standing on the sidewalk a few yards from a woman locking an apartment door. He took a few steps forward and gave a soft, gentle smile, “How have you been Brookelyn?” The season of summer had passed, where now dragonflies that have emerged to play with tykes in the soft winds under the bright rain of falling colors. Crushing sounds were heard as the children wandered across the colorful leafs that have fallen to the earth.

“What are you doing here?” the woman asked hastily with a hint of surprised shock in her voice. “And please don’t call him Ethan, dad. He hates being called Ethan.” Brookelyn turned away from her apartment door, picked up a laptop back at her side with Ethan’s preferred nickname sewn into it, and walked to her father and wrapped an arm around him. She was happy to see him, and at the same time she was surprised that he showed up, as she has not heard from him in some time. “Did mom come?”

The man nodded his head gently, “Your mom is waiting in the car, Brookelyn.” He looked down at the laptop bag his daughter was holding and he exhaled sharply, “Brookelyn, what’s wrong? Is Ethan in the hospital again? Is this Abigail with him?”

“Yes dad. Abby is with him. Ethan would be glad to see you, but please, dad, please don’t make any empty promises this time. Ethan cannot handle them.” Brookelyn walked past her father to the edge of the sidewalk. She unlocked the passenger door and sat the laptop bag inside and closed it. “You’re coming aren’t you?” she spoke up in a voice, without turning to see her father.

Her father simply nodded and turned away to go to his own vehicle. Brookelyn waited for him to start his car before she got in hers. She started her car and pulled out, with her father and mother following her car to the hospital. It was a long, quiet twenty-minute drive. She parked her car, grabbed Ethan’s laptop bag and waited at the entrance to the hospital for her parents. They did not take long to catch up to her.

Brookelyn walked to the elevators with a fast pace that was much like her mother’s. She knew where she was going, a few floors up and a few more turns down the massive halls of the hospital until they hit Ethan’s room. She walked in the room to here a shout of a teenager, “Mom!” With the shout he nearly jumped out of his bed, the iv tubes tightened as he leaned forward, from being twisted against the bed railing.

“Calm down, honey,” another woman, Abigail, already in the room ordered to the teenager. Brookelyn walked in and gave her son a quick hug and a kiss on the forehead. She handed the laptop bag to him. He quickly opened the bag and pulled out his laptop that had a custom-made skin that had his nickname on it. The parents of Brookelyn Caulderwood entered the room without making a slightest sound. Ethan, himself didn’t hear them come in as he was hearing the call of his laptop. “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Caulderwood,” Abigail spoke.

Ethan typed his password on his laptop and looked up at the doorway to his room. “Grandpa Steven! Grandma Kay!” a large grin appeared on his face. The laptop made an annoying sound identifying that it had logged-on. Without a second thought he picked up the laptop and set it on the table tray by his bedside. Ethan’s grin remained as he extended his arms, waiting for his grandparents to come closer for he could give them a hug. He severely missed them, as he has not seen them for a while.

His grandmother, Kayleen Caulderwood came up first. She grasped him gently and kissed his forehead. As she pulled away Steven Caulderwood came up and gave Ethan a hug as well, his grip tighter then Kayleen’s. “Hello Ethan! How have you been?” his grandfather asked.

“Grandpa! Call me Ian, please?” Ethan begged. Ethan preferred to be called by the nickname he has used for years, but it has taken his family longer then expected to catch on. The teenager turned his head to his laptop and shut it down. As much as he wanted on it, he decided not to be on it. Brookelyn would’ve made him get off of it anyway with company after a few minutes.

As Ethan closed the lid his grandmother handed him a small box wrapped in wrapping paper. “Happy birthday Ian,” she spoke with a soft and pained smile.

The birthday boy kept his grin and stared at Brookelyn as if he was asking if he could open it right then and there. Brookelyn gave a slight nod. His grin grew wider as he ripped up the paper to see what the box was. He pulled the paper away and saw the box, and, it revealed a music playing device. “Grandma! It’s awesome! Thanks grandma and grandpa!” Ethan smiled as he opened the box quickly to pull out the items inside. A music playing device he wanted to get, as his last broke from water damage.

“Hand me the that book, Ian,” Abigail smiled. Ethan listened and grabbed the book that came with his new gadget and tossed it to Abigail. She took the book graciously and placed it on her lap so she would read it later. Ian did not read the manuals, nor did Brookelyn, but Abigail read them and became the unofficial the troubleshooter of the family.

It was surprising to the young man, that his entire family was brought together to see him. For once they were not in a heated argument. Ethan savored the moment before the arguments broke out in a seemingly endless feud between his two mothers’ families.