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Retouched Short Story: Cresthallow

Posted on 01/12/11 by Nick 3 Comments

I wrote this a few years back, and I did not have a title of it until recently. I realized the town this takes place in is named Cresthallow, so hence, I named the short story that recently to reflect the town’s name. Why this? Because I couldn’t think of a better one.

I gave a lot of thought to this piece, and I did write the outline of it quickly, but it developed to be more then what it originally was. For today, I have slaved away when not working on the next part of Ian’s Story to retouch this piece of work. The names in this work are unusual, but, please don’t let that hold anything against the work itself. Yes, I’m aware my dialogue may seem cheesy, but I wrote this when I was still a teenager, haha; and it holds a place in my heart.

Please, feel free to comment and let me know what you thought. Without further ado, here’s the story:

Drack’s eyes shot open at the sound of his alarm, his eyes rolling back into his head. He knew the time the clock read and choose to ignore it. The light outdoors creeping into the opening of the curtains of his room, Drack’s arm quickly jumped to shield his eyes while the other arm pulled a quilt over his face. A blue pair glared in through the crack of the curtains, hidden beneath a ragged cloth. It soon moved away from the window. Moments later, his door begun to take a beating. Groaning, he still laid in his bed.

Forcing himself to rollover on his back and to sit up, he slowly rubbed his eyes. “Coming,” he called out faintly. The beating of the door ceased. His hand quickly moved to hit the clock off. The ringing of the alarm ceased.

Standing up, Drack moved out of the light’s way, shielding his eyes to the side of his room; after a few minutes he was out the door and downstairs only to be stopped, “Dad, I don’t have time,” he muttered under his breath.

“Nonsense, its six, son. You have an hour before school starts,” his father responded sitting in a chair at the table in the kitchen, he motioned his hand. “Sit son,” he gestured, “Anything on your mind?”

“No, Dad. There isn’t anything I want to talk about. Can I go now?” Drack spoke hastily. “Wait,” he paused, “There is one thing,” he spoke quickly, taking a seat at the table across from his father. “Some of the guys are going to the island tomorrow. Can I go along? It’s the weekend.”

“These are local guys, right? If you introduce them to me and they all give me their cell phone numbers then yes you can go. You’re seventeen so I guess I can trust you.” Drack’s father smiled softly, “Anything else?”

“Can I take the boat?” Drack asked quickly, hopeful he will be allowed to take his father’s boat.

“Is your room clean?”

“Yes,” the teenager quickly lied. He received a glare from his father, “Okay, no.”

“Then you have until one to get it clean. When your answer is yes, mine will be. I’m trusting you, Drack,” his father spoke softly; “I’ll be home late today, about four. Take the car and inspect the boat after your room is clean.”

“Yeah thanks dad,” Drack quickly spoke. Standing up and grabbing his book bag he ran out the front door.

School ended at twelve thirty for the high school students. It was just another normal day for them. Drack walked away from the school with one friend at his side. He stopped at an intersection under a streetlight that lit a forth of the intersection dimly. “Hey Zaren, let’s stop at the café,” Drack quietly spoke.

“Sure,” Zaren responded. The light changed allowing the boys to walk further. The next streetlight was brighter then the previous then they stopped. The city was not big on streetlights even when half of the city wants them on the streets their kids take while walking home.

Drack bumped into a hooded figure with blue eyes like his friend’s, smiling, “Good day, nice to see you again,” Drack spoke kindly.

Ordering two drinks the boys sat at a table in the far corner of the café near the windows, they begun to talk. “My dad says yes to the island and I have access to his boat. You can go, right?”

Half past two the boat’s engines roared to life. Drack sped across the lake’s surface toward the center, behind a few hills. The ride took about an hour to get to the island. “You brought the keys to the cabin, right Zaren?” Kyne asked, tossing a backpack to Drack.

The blue eyed teenager called Zaren stepped forward, “Yup. I did. Here,” Zaren reached into his pocket and pulled out a key ring with three keys attached, “Catch,” he tossed the keys to Kyne. Turning his gaze to Drack he asked, “Drack? You gonna dock or anchor?”

“Weather is to hold all weekend so anchor. Let’s go,” Drack spoke as he powered down the boat. “Each of us needs to carry a bag and a backpack in,” Drack seemed to be the leader for the time being. He slid the keys to the boat in his pocket and grabbed a large paper bag, “Kyne, drop the anchor?” Drack asked jumping off the boat.

Kyne nodded his head and kicked a heavy metal anchor overboard. Looking at the rope as it dropped, he knew it was attached. Grabbing the second large paper bag, leaving one left and throwing a backpack on his back he jumped off the boat after Drack.

“Hey, Drack! What’s this in the back? I never seen this part of the boat covered before.” Zaren pointed to the entire back of the boat being covered with a white sheet.

“I’m not sure, must be my dads.”

Zaren followed the lead of the two teenagers before him. Slipping on a backpack and grabbing the last large paper bag he jumped off and followed Kyne. The cabin was tucked in the edge of a clearing, under a few tall trees inside of the wood that covered the entire island as well as the entire city.

Kyne unlocked the cabin and tossed the keys back to Zaren. Zaren dropped the large paper bag catching the keys. Drack glared at him and he quickly picked up the bag be dropped. Inside they all dropped their bags and backpacks on the floor. Drack was the last in, so he closed the door. “Can we sleep first before we unpack?” Drack asked.

“Yeah, go ahead Drack, I’m gonna do the same. Don’t take my room. You two can fight over the other room,” Zaren spoke running off deeper into the two bedroom cabin.

“Yeah, my mom thinks it’s about time I get out of the house with some friends. My dad offered to take us, but, I said no. I got access to his cabin though,” Zaren spoke quietly. The teenagers seemed as they didn’t want to be overheard.

“Sweet! Did you hear from Kyne yet? He’s food right?”

“Kyne is going. He lives on his own, damn lucky guy, he graduated last year. But, Drack, Kyne wants to leave the city.”

Drack froze at the words, it rarely ever happened; the fact that Kyne wanted to leave the city made time freeze for the group. How he grew up in the city, nobody left, they only came. The city was their home, nowhere else was. There was rarely even a desire to leave the city, from anyone.

Zaren woke at four fifteen. Drack woke at five. Kyne never slept. Once all three were back into the living room of the cabin, they begun debating of what to do over the next few days. “We have a week here actually, as seniors we get a Senior’s Week and it starts on Monday. So we can stay a while Kyne.” Drack spoke looking at Zaren.

“Yeah. Do we have enough food to last that long?” Zaren asked.

“Enough for five days. Remember I packed and picked out all the food, so I know. There is more in my backpack and Drack’s. Zaren I put rocks in yours,” Kyne laughed.

“That’s why it was so heavy!” Zaren glared and hissed toward Kyne, “I’ll get you back.”

“So, guys, what should we do? Zaren? Kyne? What should the three of us do? It’s young outside right now, so we have time.”

“The water looked good, swimming? The lake is calm so nothing much to worry about,” Kyne suggested.

“Nah, let’s go into the wood. I hear there is a spring, so your swimming idea somewhat yes, but no in the lake, in the spring instead,” Zaren spoke up.

“I’m with Zaren, Kyne.”

It was unanimously decided between the three teenagers that they were going to the spring on the island hidden inside the wood, further back into the wood then the cabin was. The teenagers were off within five minutes. Only one backpack with them. They left the rest of their supplies and stuff in the cabin.

The wood was quiet. Not much going on. The animals sleeping, nothing to worry about. The teenagers continued, following Zaren trying to find the spring. “Stop,” Kyne hissed. A twig snapped. “Probably nothing,” Kyne muttered, he continued on.

A twig snapped again.

The boys ignored the second time they all heard the twig snapped. They continued on in search of the spring Zaren spoke about. Kyne stopped again, “Drack, Zaren, let’s pick up the pace. It’s six and we have to be back by eight.” The two other teenagers nodded their heads and they were off.

A twig snapped.

Drack went off the path to go check it out, “Catch up with you guys,” he whispered. He wasn’t worried about anything happening. His curiosity just got the best of him a majority of the time.

A twig snapped.

Drack jumped up and turned around. There was someone there. “Hello?” he spoke quietly.

Kyne heard a scream. He quickly extended an arm and grabbed Zaren. “He’s not going alone,” Kyne hissed in Zaren’s ear after pulling him close to him. “Let’s go, I’m leading. We’re following Drack.” Kyne and Zaren went off the path in the direction Drack went in.

A second scream. “It’s Drack!” Zaren yelled.

“Shut up!” Kyne hissed, “You don’t want them to hear us,” Kyne knew something was wrong. He moved faster to try to find Drack. “We’re not splitting up, so keep up Zaren or I’m telling your girlfriend your real first name.”

Zaren and Kyne stayed in the woods late. They never found Drack. At eleven, hours after non stop searching they went back to the cabin in hopes Drack was there. The boys had to go back to the city. “Zaren check Drack’s cloths. He changed, but he always forgets his keys. Take the keys. We’re going to get help.”

“We cannot leave yet, it’s eleven. There is a reason this cabin is hidden beneath the trees, under shade. In the shadows,” Zaren spoke gravely. The boys didn’t sleep at all. They sat awake for hours not even muttering a word to each other. They lost Drack, a part of their trio.

Seven rolled around soon. The teenagers both stood up, leaving everything behind, they made their way to Drack’s boat. They were going back to the city. Kyne drove the boat, Zaren drew up the anchor. They made it back to the city by seven-thirty. “Drack’s house first,” Zaren muttered.

They both didn’t have a car, so they walked. Drack lived closer to the lake then the other two did.

Within hours, search for Drack was underway on the island. Kyne and Zaren both went back. The never found him. After weeks of searching, Drack was never found. People begun to lose hope, Kyne and Zaren returned each weekend to the island, knowing something was left behind. Six weeks after Drack’s disappearance, Zaren and Kyne went back to the island, this time in Drack’s father’s boat.

Zaren gazed out sitting in the back seat of the boat, realizing something. “Hey sir! Did you remove the white sheet back here?”

“Yes. There was nothing under it, so I thought no point. It wasn’t my sheet, so I just tossed it,” Drack’s father spoke answering the question. Zaren’s eyes glared over at Kyne.

In the cabin, about twelve thirty, Zaren looked outside. The sun gleamed into his eyes. Screaming he jumped back. “Damn it!” he muttered under his breath. He caught the attention of the other people in the room. Zaren couldn’t complain, he knew the people of the city and himself. They all avoided the sunlight.

A blue pair, hidden beneath a ragged cloth glared into the crack left by Zaren.