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Character Preview: Ian

Posted on 01/06/11 by Nick 5 Comments

Each Friday I am going to try to release a new short story, chapter, essay or some writing I’ve been working on. I tend to reuse characters, or like to write in series using the same characters in different situations. I would like to give you guys a preview of an upcoming character in a part of a story I’ll be posting tomorrow. I hope you all enjoy!

Name: Ethan Caulderwood.
Nickname: Ian (he also prefers to go by Ian and not Ethan).
Age: Fifteen.
Hair/Eye Color: Honestly, I’m still trying to figure this one out.
Favorite Season: Autumn, by far.
Personality: Ian is a strong soul whom has seen life far more than most would ever hope to see. Even though he has been stricken down with an illness, he still has a firm outlook on life and for all it can stand for. He is a determined young soul whom strives to make sure his family does not fall apart even though he is in peril.

Honestly, Ian was a character that grew further then I imagined; he ended up becoming one that I hope people will instantly fall in love with. He is a curious, determined young man whom has a good heart, good conscience and great parents. There is more about Ian that meets the eye.

I really hope you all fall in love with Ian as much as I have. Personally, I have fallen in love with Ian and his story is one that I’d really like to finish. I’m sorry I cannot give you more details at the moment, some of it is a surprise, others are still being debated in my mind if they’ll become a part of him. Ian is about to become one of those few rare fictional characters that will take a life of his own.

Honestly, I really hope I’ll get to complete the work I plan on having Ian with. Well, I guess I just gave it away, right? Ian and his story will be a long-term project that I hope to one day turn into a novel. It is a story that is really dear to my heart. I know how it goes, starts, ends and a lot of details. I just hope I get the chance to finish it, and I hope whomever is reading this will enjoy it.