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What if I am the one?

Posted on 02/15/11 by Nick No Comments

People talk. They talk all the time. People say they’ll donate their organs upon death. Most will donate blood when a family member needs a transfusion. Bone marrow is a different story in it’s rights. It’s rare to find a match. That is why they need so many registered.

Donating marrow does not cause physical harm, but, it saves the life of another whom would be so close to death that the imagination cannot grasp it. It is a wonder that many receive these transplants, and yet many never have the chance, many of them children strike with childhood cancer.

I myself cannot make a simple blood donation, as it is undesired blood. I cannot even donate bone marrow. What if I’m the only match for a seven year old on this planet? I cannot donate my marrow because of my heart condition. It saddens me that this is the reality, but, it does make sense. The rules were set to favor the donors health status, as to not put another life in danger.

I’d donate in a heartbeat if I found out I matched another. Wouldn’t you? Sadly I cannot, but I cannot help but to think… What if I am the only match for someone? It may be worth the risk then… right?